Thursday, 3 September 2015

I am busy waiting...

Lately, I don't have much time. We started hunting for a new house, a first house of our own, at the end of April. I spent most of May on the phone, my mobile suddenly required top ups every week instead of once every two months or so and five weekends were spent on viewings.

Our dear child got used to the new rhythm, even without playgroups during the week because I usually forgot about them as I was too busy waiting for a confirmation of a viewing so I can call for the next one. I managed our weekend diaries with great precision. On Saturday morning I would prepare a list of viewings, water, changing bag and snacks for our child.

The interesting thing is that a toddler on a house hunt is quite interesting to watch. I noticed that she was happy and relaxed in houses we liked. She wouldn't mind to stay in the two that became our favourites. And in some houses none of us liked, she was a great excuse to cut it short.

After a decision was made, I became busy with chasing papers and numbers and researching does and don'ts of mortgages. I became the shield for marketing attacks. Who knew that every single estate agent can recommend the best mortgage broker in the whole world? I am still receiving five property updates a day, no matter how many times I unsubscribe.

Now, many weeks later, I am sitting in our old house, boxes scattered around, waiting yet again. There is lots of waiting involved in all of the process - from waiting for the viewing confirmation to waiting for a mortgage approval to waiting for this and that paper going through and the solicitor to return from yet another holiday. Unfortunately, our waiting is bit overrated now. There is some old planning permission hitch on our dream house which needs to be resolved. We don't know how long it will take. We already gave notice on our house and new tenant is waiting. We may end up in a caravan. If we are lucky and find one. I want to carry on with doing things. But can I pack? How much do I need to leave out? Can I do a big food shop? Order books from Amazon? Do I need to research caravan sites near by and self storage?

We are frustrated. The waiting without a deadline makes me stop everything else - writing and exercising and researching when a baby group near by starts again... I can not plan a workshop or book myself for a swim because I don't know if I will be too busy next weekend. But I hope I will. I hope that it will work out. I hope that we will move into a new home and that it will be great. I am glad that I have the time to do all of this. Husband was very busy during May and June and if I was working, too, it would be simply unmanageable. And it is nice to see that our child is simply a part of it all, that even when our days don't evolve completely around her she just fits in nicely and makes it all worth at the end - we are doing it for her, too. So sometimes being a housewife is actually being an unpaid top manager/pa/accountant/secretary/the rest. And I must say I enjoy the housewife life more that I thought I would.

Besides that, I have finally a new idea for a book, no more recycling and redoing the old ones (although they do need to be re read and processed....). I may be quiet for a while. For creative reasons.... But moving first, please!