Friday, 9 January 2015

I am back

It has been a while since my last post, not because I was too busy publishing a book... My dad passed away 2 months ago to the day which meant lots of things to do, to think about and not much mood for writing. The time when there are so many feelings to process, so many memories to sort out in my head, the very action of writing seems so....inadequate?.....wrong? Like writing down what I feel and why, what I think and what I do would be somehow wrong. Mourning is a very private thing, best done alone. I don't know how long it is appropriate to keep mourning. I think part of me will mourn my dad forever.

There was also too much to do. All of a sudden Christmas preparations went aside and there was a trip to organize, a family get together we didn't plan. Than there was a quick run to Christmas. Few days before them baby got fevers. After Christmas, while enjoying the calm time, I got down with tonsillitis. So I opened the year with antibiotics and fevers. Hey Ho....

A month after he passed was a very emotional day. In the very day I witnessed a struggle of an ambulance crew to resuscitate a lady on the street (if I left home few minutes earlier I could have been the one who found her and called them). I passed by quickly knowing she is getting the best care possible and didn't want my child to see it, but suddenly, on the side of a busy road, I was fighting tears, wishing for her to be well, thinking that she probably is someone's mum. I felt helpless and so sad.
And then, couple of minutes later few blocks down the same road, I saw our midwife going into somebody's home holding a familiar bag with scales in her hand. I didn't see her since she discharged us when baby was six weeks but I do remember her very well because she was so great. Seeing her on that day at that very moment made me feel so much better. Just knowing that not only do people carry on dying all around the world but that they are also being born, that there is lot of happiness and nobody down the road knows about the tragedy up the road, it made me smile again. Tears and smile mixed up, I didn't care anymore and walked.
If it was a dream it would be a very poignant one. But it did happen. And the day was so strange because of it.

To be remained by my mum that it is 2 months today shows how much my mind shifted. I am living in the new reality now. I do think about dad, just not counting the days without him anymore. Mum still is.

So I am glad I could close a sad year and open a new one. I hope to get pregnant this year and we hope to find a home of our own, too. Fingers crossed it will all work out!

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