Monday, 13 July 2015

The 1 sure sign that I am getting older....

I can not 'hold my liquor' that good any more. Thanks to having a child and trying to produce another one I didn't realize it. On and off I would have the single glass of wine with my dinner or a shot to aid digestion or prevent nasty stomach bug when child was sick but I didn't realize how much my ability to break alcohol changed.

Yesterday my old friend came to town and we met after 3 years. She stared at our child in the pram and couldn't quite believe how much ones life can change. We went for lunch and then for a drink... The first thing that seemed weird was ordering a bottle of wine with our food. OK, there were 3 of us (child on the side) so it did make perfect sense but there were times when husband and I would always order a bottle with our food. And drink it and feel normal afterwards.

The second interesting thing I noticed was the hazy happy feeling as we left the restaurant. I was pleasantly p***d. After some 2 large glasses of wine? I would feel like this much much later in the old days.

The extra glass before we had to say goodbye sent me over the top. I wasn't drunk but I did feel like I would feel after a night out, not an afternoon. And I worried that I will not be able to take care of my child properly. The truth it, I did just fine plus I had a nice conversation which made a perfect sense, so clearly, I wasn't in a bad state, it just seemed to me like that because I am not used to it anymore. I do not miss my old party times at all. I think there is time for everything in life and right now I am where I need to be. I had a very hectic month with lots of sorting out and organizing and a little health scare on top of it. Nothing seemed better than a spontaneus day out. It was a Sunday, after all. And my husband was glad that I am finaly having some good time and see my old friends, too. Bless. He took care of the child most afternoon so we could catch up. Sometimes there is a great reminder to why am I married in the little things he does.

But in the evening I was knackered. And I couldn' just fall a sleep. I was twisting, turning and felt all wrong. My poor body was breaking the alcohol and made me aware that it isn't really interested in doing it anymore. It was weird. The mixture of happiness, excitement (having a day out in town, going there not for a chore or a baby club in the Art Gallery but because of ME, seeing my old dear friend who didn't disapear forever just because we live faraway and lead very different lives, being out as a family with husband present, not constantly hunched over his phone - it was great) and surprising discomfort made me feel strange. My husband reminds me that I didn't drink excesively and have no reason to feel guilty, it is good to do something out of ordinary sometimes. It is just that my body feels as if I did drink more than I actually did. Maybe it is my tiredness, my sleep wasn't the best lately (thanks darling child), it probably knocked me off more than the wine itself. Oh well, back to normal and maybe I should try to see people more so the excitement doesn't get better of me again!

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