Wednesday, 12 December 2012

December so far

My word count for December is a big fat 0. I miss nanowrimo. Since it ended I started to do all the other stuff that was needed, all the forgotten or put away things and my novel is lying on the side, waiting patiently. Some people in discussion forums said they didn't take any break as they would miss the story too much. I miss it, too, but somehow I can not bring myself to writing - at the moment I put the other things before writing and before I know it the day is over.
A weird thing is that I feel somehow slower now that I am pregnant. One way, pregnancy makes me busy because there are new things to take care of and plan plus some appointments. I made a firm decision that I will only start to buy and prepare things next year, but I am already quite busy researching practical things around pregnancy and birth preparations. On the other way I feel generally slower, as if everything is taking much longer. Well, definitely walking, I am a good walker as I don't drive but lately I am taking a while to go around. With the icy roads I am a little afraid, too, but the cold without rain is so nice and christmasy..
What takes most of my thoughts at the moment is that my dear cat isn't very well. I inherited this wonderful fury thing after my aunt passed away and it was my condition to move together with my then boyfriend to come with a cat. He hates cats and claims he has got an allergy. There is the occasional sneeze but since we live in a house with a garden and the cat is free to move it isn't that bad. He has got his spray and something to complain about.
Anyway, cat is old and it is getting weaker and weaker, I am so sorry to see it. I am not sure if she will make it through the end of the year or meet my baby. I will do all I can to keep her comfortable and make sure she doesn't suffer. If she could only tell me....
Animals tend to get out of the way and seek privacy when they are not well and I miss our plays and cuddles. It will be hard without her but I have to prepare myself for it.
I am not sure if there will be a new cat any time soon. Husband wants a dog, I want one too (and a cat or two!) but at the moment he is freaking out we will not be able to have an animal as everything is getting soooo expensive and there is a baby on the way... We will see. It will be weird not to have a pet, I suppose we will get one sooner or later. My dream is to have house filled with animals, I see myself right there as a 'mother earth' surrounded by them.
It is hard to sit and write about my characters when there is so much going on and so much stuff on my mind. But I will get there. Writing is too important.
During November I stole a better chair from my husband's desk (we both work from home so there are two desks but only one really good chair which used to be his as I am more out and about and he likes to sit by his computer for hours) and discovered a power of a onesie. Two things that definitely helped me to get through nanowrimo: good chair to support my back and growing bump and a onesie to keep me comfortable and warm.
To cheer myself up I ordered one more. The one I have is pretty civilized, well as far as a onesie can be, but there is a giraffe on its way! Can't wait. It will be huge which is good because I worry my bump will outgrow the one I already own and I have got all winter to go through being more and more pregnant. Husband will be ecstatic. He already noticed my 'playful' pregnancy hormones didn't really kick in as he hoped and now I will walk around looking like a clown. Well, whatever makes ME happy, right?

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