Saturday, 5 April 2014

A year ago...

...I was expecting, overdue, walked a lot, ate tremendous amounts of pineapple, run the stairs up and down, tried to relax.... and the baby was not coming!!!
Every day I find myself thinking about a year ago. Our first birthday is coming soon. Baby is growing four teeth at the moment - the bigger ones at the back so we are struggling a little but at least there are more of them popping at once so theoretically it should spare us some future sleepless nights?
We discovered Nurofen for babies. Works (luckily only needed it couple of times but it is nice to know it is there at next 3am wake up scream).

Besides that, I am trying to sort some exercise routine and be more mindful about what I eat and how I relax. Baby is very mobile, figuring out how to stand, crawling at the speed of light. Whenever I try to do something for myself - exercise, type, meditate, baby sees it as an invitation to the great 'lets climb mummy' game. So planning is as far as I can get to a routine.

I am also studying history and practicalities of Britain and being British. How difficult it is to concentrate on anything and not to fall a sleep over the handbook? We decided to become British once baby got its British passport and we realized that each member of our family has got a different passport and nationality. It makes sense, we belong here more than anywhere and baby deserves some proper roots. It has been a while since I tried to memorize important dates and names and it is interesting how differently some big events in history were experienced - like the world wars for example. I am doing trial tests online and often wonder how well would real Brits do if they had to sit one of these tests tomorrow.

I am still crazy broody. Expecting third period soon, munching on Doritos and wondering why husband and I argued three times this week. Baby making attempt: one. Whole One!!! It felt like being seventeen all over again. Back then we would be sneaking around looking for a place, all crazy in love and hormones flowing. Now we are sneaking around trying not to wake up baby, feeling blessed that for a change it is asleep after 8pm so we are not comatose and able to enjoy the greatest 3 minutes of our lives. And as when I was seventeen, I again wonder: what is all the fuss about? Anyway, we will be trying to steal more moments as I am definitely not pregnant.

Will update next month on progress and whether I managed to pass the test. Can not wait to be a royal subject. Is it the right term?

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