Friday, 30 November 2012

50.211 words later

I started Nanowrimo on 2nd of November after a moment of contemplating. Will I be able to do it? I learnt about nanowrimo last year but it was too late to join in. This year, I had a note in my diary.
However, I wasn't sure if I am ready. But the fact that I am pregnant was a great motivator. If I don't get myself to do it now, will I even think about it next year?
So I started and now, on the November 30, I am not frantically typing away trying to catch up on my word count, I printed my certificate (how silly but nice) yesterday. I was pretty much on target and I didn't even write every day. OK, I did mention in my last post that I worked with an idea already scribbled in an outline, but yesterday, with the end in near and knowing I need only some 1600 words, I suddenly felt lack of inspiration. What to do with the character? There was an outline but it needed to change, she was having to decide on something and I am not ready to decide now. I could not afford to wait for the muse to sit next to me and whisper to my ear, I suppose all muses were overbooked this November anyway.
I sat myself by the computer and scribbled away. Then, considering I am not really moving the character on, I looked up my word count and there it was: 50211. Middle of the chapter of an unfinished book but who cares right now?
There was pile of laundry, muddy floor, dishes, empty fridge, unanswered phone, mails, pile of papers and books and a long to - do list hanging by my desk. Cat was watching me: 'Where is my play time?' I logged to my nanowrimo profile straight away.
I did it, I managed to write over 50000 words and built foundation of a novel. I realized how doable it is. I am one of those who believes there is a novel in everyone of us and I like to write but thanks to this project I was committed and had the discipline to work continuously. And I am still in a good health, but I noticed my baby doesn't enjoy long sessions by the desk. I can not sit and write for hours, I have to take breaks and do other things in between. My cat survived, my husband is alive, too, and proud of me.
Yesterday I just felt the need to stop fussing about fictional characters for a while and attend to other things. As much as I tried to organize myself I couldn't do everything perfectly. When I want to be great at what I do my writing usually has to wait. Today I am enjoying the strange feeling of freedom and try to attend all my other tasks, but I am very slow indeed, looking out of the window more than anything, enjoying the cold weather and warm house, drinking tea and eating biscuits, thinking about christmas preparations that are ahead.
I know I will have to bring myself back to my characters and to my writing and carry on with the story but not today! I firmly believe that nanowrimo taught me enough about discipline and that my book will not be forgotten. There is a looming deadline - the birth of my baby. Will I finish it before end of March? It would be great. Will I write 50000 words in December? Hmmmm..... Good question.

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