Saturday, 10 November 2012

My NaNoWriMo time

I decided to join the nanowrimo this year and assumed that it will keep me too busy to do anything else. Nanowrimo is a wonderful challenge, it means: national novel writing month. The aim is to write a novel within a month. What more can a procrastinating writer like me ask for?
While usually I would start working on a story with a great enthusiasm, I would surely get disturbed and put the writing aside while I am taking care of another things. Well, not now. I have a deadline.
To introduce myself, I am a little bit of a free spirit and a housewife. On top of writing a book I am also 20 weeks pregnant with my first child. To join Nano this year made perfect sense, next year will be very busy. I can leave my dear husband to his own devices and focus on my own project. As long as I remember to feed the cat (it is my cat and he doesn't like cats. So just emptying the tray while I am pregnant is a BIG sacrifice. Just to let you know the tray hardly ever gets used, our cat likes to go out and do what she has to do, but never mind) life is good. But once I have a baby there will be a great responsibility and much less me time.
I had a very slow summer and early autumn because the first month of my pregnancy were all about being tired and sick. I basically became a zombie. Just to do simple daily tasks felt like a great challenge. I did what I had to do and waited to get better. I may write about the journey to my pregnancy sometimes later, it is a story by itself anyway.
But while I was zombiing around I thought that once I will get better my life will be more quiet with the cold dark days so I should do something about my life long ambition to write. And here I am trying to compose one chapter at a day. I am not a bored housewife, I do have other projects and things to do, so it is not always easy but it is fine.
However, just being pregnant is like a full time job and I feel almost guilty for taking myself away from the biggest change in my life (at this time). We are at the stage now when we are telling it to people, it is about time to let everyone know plus it is starting to show so I am bombarded by questions: are you starting with your nursery? do you have a name yet? what is your birth plan? are you doing ante natal classes - pregnancy classes - aqua natal classes? do you have this or that book? do you know about this or that website? My husband and I decided to take it easy and start panicking and refurbishing later when we know there is a new member of our family virtually behind the corner. But all this well meant advice is making us (or at least me) feel like that we are horribly behind. There is so much to do, to plan to prepare, to read! I feel like the most selfish mother in the world because I want to use my last months of freedom to write o novel. Well I planned an intensive yoga course and few hikes but I gladly gave those up for the well being of  my future child.
Anyway, here I am going towards 17000 words out of the 50000 task. I hope I will make it. Of course, it will only be a beginning, there will be lost of editing and proof reading and rewriting and I am not even thinking about approaching agents or publishers (YET).
But I hope that this blog will help me to summarize my thoughts on beginnings of writing and beginnings of motherhood. Spending lots of time at my desk (or in bed as I am down with a cold - just week after my flu shot - how lucky) makes me want to join the great world web and find some friends. So I am blogging, and tweeting, and facebooking and enjoying myself.

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