Monday, 19 November 2012

Half way through and laughing

I was told Nanowrimo is exhausting and challenging. So far I consider Nanowrimo my best friend. A friend who doesn't take excuses and make me work hard, see my project through and be consistent. It isn't simple, but who is looking for that?
November came to its second half and I passed 31000 words mark. I may have a little bit easier job thanks to an idea and an outline I created for it long ago. There isn't only a beginning or an inspiration in my head. I was warned that many people loose their track in the second week of November. I didn't experience it, but I believe it is thanks to the fact that I have a base to work on. If I was sitting by my computer every day in a hope that I will find an inspiration to progress my story further, I may well be one of those who suffer badly, maybe even give up. To have a glimpse of a beginning of an idea for a book and try to write in a month is hard. I have a middle and possibly an end.
I consider myself lucky then, even so lucky, that I gave myself a weekend off. And although today I didn't work as hard as I could, I am still safe. If I will carry on at least as fast as I do now I will make the 50000 words deadline by the end of the month. At the moment, I don't worry about what will happen after. I assume I will need more words to finish, then I will start revising and then.... I will see when I am there. What I am afraid of is: will I keep it up? Will I be still as consistent as I am so far without the daily word count updates, the graph showing me my progress, the forums and pep talks? I never met anyone who is organizing or taking part in nanowrimo, but throughout all of this month I have a wonderful feeling of being part of something big, or a part of a family.
I had a good week last week because of few reasons. My cold passed and left behind some nasty but manageable cough. And my dear husband left for a week to work away from home. It meant quiet house, no cleaning and no cooking. Whatever I prepared to eat would last for days and the house is somehow tidier whenever he isn't around. So I worked pretty well.
I felt so confident that I gave myself a weekend off. On Saturday I was simply exhausted. We needed to make a big weekly shopping, there was lots of laundry and some general up keep to do, but in the afternoon I found myself dozing of. Remembering that I am pregnant and allowed to be tired I had a lovely lazy afternoon and evening without even opening my computer. The same was on Sunday, even more relaxed, just a brisk walk, papers, bit of cooking and baking and watching TV. I felt strange and on Sunday a little guilty, too. But the break did help me to gather my strength and carry on even without a word count advantage I would create if I worked during the weekend.
Some writers in discussions refer to themselves as nano - hobo. They work so hard on their novels that they skip showers and exist on coffee, sandwiches, junk food or ready meals. I can not function like that. During my lazy weekend I didn't get myself to write or do much because I was in this slow - hobo mood. I must get myself going, put myself together and fill my day with things to do including writing. Or I laze around, but that means doing nothing, not even picking one thing to focus on.
I am back by the computer today, as usually knowing I could do better and write more, but I decided to blog as I need to be consistent with everything, not only nanowrimo. The project is great because it forces me to find time to write even on days I am too busy with another things. And when I don't make it I know I have to catch up. If I was simply working on the book I would probably write twice a week and consider myself lucky.
Apparently it takes 42 days to create a habit out of something we do. November only has 30 days. So next month, with the upcoming Christmas and all the craziness around it I will have to use serious will power to give myself the kicking and make it to the end. I don't want to have my first baby and a waiting list of unfinished projects in my diary. I want to be ahead so I can focus on mothering without the feeling of guilt or losing out. My kicking baby will probably be my next motivator once nanowrimo is finished.

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