Thursday, 24 January 2013


I spent time reading a few pregnancy books in the past week, mainly to do with natural birth. There are some good tips in them on how to cope with labour pain without medications and a good one is to distract the senses - moving the body, using stress balls, look at objects or pictures, use sounds and listen to music. How do I create a perfect playlist for labour? Apparently, most women have a mixture of music styles from relaxing music to techno so they can pick and choose. Will I be able to fiddle with my ipod which tends to annoy me even without being in a contraction? You probably noticed I am not the best with technology, I try my best but find it mostly frustrating.
If I only knew how my mood and musical taste will develop and how long playlist I will need. I will probably want to start quite slow and calm and move on to gangster rap towards the end.... Husband hates rap and hip hop so I may loose his support by then plus who wants this kind of lyrics to be the welcoming sound to the world for a new born baby? Time to think about the others, not only about myself, but on the other hand it is my labour right??? Last time in my life when everything is about ME.
I am not sure what I will do but so far I have got one candidate for my birthing playlist: Alicia Keys' Superwoman. Very suitable for a victorious entry into motherhood. More tips welcomed dear readers.

Speaking of technology, I spent last few days revising a translation. It was printed out on a paper and I actually enjoyed reading the pages, marking out points I found relevant, being busy without getting frustrated with the moods of my wonderful new computer or distracted by emails and interesting stuff from internet. To do a little bit of work also reminded me that there is more to me than being pregnant and since I have got only about two months of me time left, it is time to get my nanowrimo hat back on and start working! I was supposed to move onto revising by now, that was the plan, but since the end of November (and my great victory, feels like years ago) I wrote my book ONCE. Shame on me.
I still hope that if I organize myself properly I will find it easier to return to writing once my baby arrives. Of course I will be busy, but if I push myself I will surely spare some time to write.
I made the first step today, I transferred my writing to this new shiny computer and hope that I will open the files most days in coming weeks.

Looking around the internet, I noticed the world is full of pregnant women and new mums with lots to say and reading their blogs is fascinating. So far it is taking me away from researching baby stuff I need to start buying and participating in online discussions. I am definitely more of a reader than talker. So lets take it easy and be a writer, too. If I could write 50000 words in November, surely I can do the same in February with a last week of January added in as a bonus.... Before my brain completely melts in nesting madness, I can see it slowly approaching with a hungry knowing smile....

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