Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Week 30 - time to get organized

Yesterday I was over the moon. I found out I will be part of mumsnet bloggers forum. It is a great achievement. I started setting up my badge to let the world know. I am still trying today... And it doesn't work. I can not add it to my blog, whatever and however I try. The advice in the mumsnet mail is great but blogspot doesn't cooperate. Where are real people who could answer a question??? I am frustrated to the core of my poor soul. Why oh why, just when I partly recovered from trying to figure out a new computer I was given for christmas, do I have to encounter yet another technical challenge? Since the new computer can be slightly moody (who on earth thought we need such a thing as windows 8? just let me live and work with something that works please!) I thought - cleverly - I will try with my old computer today, maybe is some sort of settings I don't understand. But no, there is no mumsnet logo, no nanowrimo badge, nothing but plain background on my dear new blog. Who knows when will I manage to solve it. I typed a request into a great anonymous forum but I may as well go out to the garden and shout at the sky. It may work better, actually.

Husband is away on a conference this week, I am alone to take care of any challenge that comes my way. Considering how confused he was with our new computer I don't see him as a great technical guru anymore anyway (sorry my dear). Maybe he knows some super geek who could help, chances are better on his side than on mine.

Of course that when husband is about to fly to Malta early on Monday morning it starts to snow. Of course the cold weather comes on the day when I have to walk to the ante-natal class by myself. I should have learned to drive, not just get a driving license years ago and never sit behind a wheel again. I negotiated frozen footpaths and managed to make it for my second of three ante-natal classes. Since last week I am noticing pain in my left hip and a pubic pain. Apparently a gift that comes with pregnancy, my joints are getting softer. I am trying to make smaller steps and to be gentle on myself, but I constantly feel my body which is unusual. Besides my bump there are feeling in areas I didn't notice ever before. 10 more weeks to go...

What does help? I carry on with my private yoga classes and I must say I do feel better afterwards. There are no miracles, I didn't expect any, but I learned how to move with awareness and how to adjust myself to the changes. Plus I am super relaxed after my class. I am so glad I started with it. Funny thing is that my teacher is pregnant at the moment, too, so I feel like I am hanging out with a friend. I was thinking about joining a post-natal class but as this teacher will be on a maternity leave herself we thought about an unofficial get together for a practice instead of a regular class. Our situation is similar - no willing grandparents near by and husbands at work, so we will be able to meet with our babies and she will not have to worry about providing a proper teacher service while busy taking care of her possibly crying child. It could be a start of a wonderful friendship.

I am thinking about quitting my frustrations when I finish typing, switching the computers off and going for a meditation class. I found out that Buddhist center has an afternoon meditation drop in and I feel a great need of it. I want to get into a habit of meditating and I know I work better under a guidance.  Besides, it is a practice for normal, not pregnant people, and it would be a great chance to forget about myself for a moment and simply be (if the baby in the bump allows - it likes to remind me of its presence very much). The roads seem quite normal, if there is no risk of slipping I will gladly take a walk. Otherwise I will spend my afternoon in endless frustration possibly shouting at my computer.

I was supposed to go back to writing and finish my novel before my baby is due.Today I wanted to make a plan and start writing with NO EXCUSES.  But just to maintain and publicize a blog seems to be enough of a challenge at this very moment....

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